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Consultations: attention to details

According to the requirements, we can share our expertise and resources to solve larger, more complex challenges, in order to achieve the desired end result.

Structural Analyses

Insero OÜ offers comprehensive strength analyses, which are essential in every engineering and design project. Our team of experts uses the most modern analysis methods and software to ensure maximum durability and safety of your structures, machinery, and products.

Our analysis services include:

  • Static and dynamic analysis: We analyze the durability and stability of objects under both static and dynamic conditions to identify and resolve potential weaknesses.
  • Fatigue analysis: We assess the durability of components and systems under repeated loads to prevent failures caused by fatigue.
  • Thermal analysis: We investigate the behavior of materials and structures at various temperatures to ensure their efficiency and safety under all working conditions.
  • Material thickness measurement: When necessary, we measure the wall thickness of various structures in situations involving closed metal constructions or other conditions that make conventional measurement difficult. We have at our disposal a Defelsko measuring device based on ultrasound, which can also measure the wall thickness beneath paint.

Our goal is to ensure that your projects are not only technically feasible but also durable, safe, and economical.

Project Management

Insero OÜ offers a comprehensive project management service that ensures the smooth and efficient implementation of your projects from the initial idea to the final execution. Our experienced project managers focus on results, ensuring that each stage of the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.

Our project management services include:

  • Project planning and strategy: We create a detailed project plan that includes the schedule, resources, budget, and risk management.
  • Team coordination: We manage and coordinate all aspects of the project, ensuring effective collaboration and communication within the team.
  • Quality control: We monitor the quality of the project at every step, ensuring that the final outcome meets both your expectations and industry standards.
  • Risk management: We identify and manage project risks, ensuring that potential issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is to ensure that your projects not only achieve their objectives but also exceed expectations, providing value and innovation to your business.

Technical Consultations

Insero OÜ offers professional technical consulting to help you solve complex technical problems and optimize your projects. Our experienced engineers and technical experts provide assistance and guidance to ensure the technical efficiency and innovation of your projects.

Our technical consulting services include:

  • Development of technical solutions: We assist you in developing practical and innovative solutions that meet your specific technical requirements and objectives.
  • Process optimization: We analyze and optimize your manufacturing, design, and development processes to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Technology assessment and selection: We provide advice on the selection of suitable technologies and materials, ensuring that your projects utilize the most appropriate and innovative solutions.
  • Risk analysis and problem-solving: We help identify and resolve technical risks and problems, ensuring the smooth progress of the project and reducing potential obstacles.

Our goal is to provide you not only with technical support but also with strategic consulting that helps you achieve your business objectives and strengthen your company's position in the market.

Other services

Machine Building

Our main activity is providing mechanical engineering design services, where we carry out engineering and technical solutions and design for various machines and equipment.

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Product Development and Prototyping

We are involved in both the development of new products and the improvement of existing products according to client and market expectations.

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Through laser scanning or 3D surveying, it is possible to create an accurate spatial point cloud of the environment or objects. The results can be used for mapping and analyzing existing buildings and equipment in various fields.

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Software Development

The service is aimed at optimizing mechanical engineering workflows by utilizing the capabilities of Autodesk Inventor API, iLogic, and Vault server.

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If you have a project or idea that you want to implement and would like to discuss it with us, please contact us and we will definitely help to brainstorm.