— 3D Laser scanning

FARO Focus S 70

3D Laser scanners provide “point clouds” of surfaces of objects and environment. In other words, 3D laser scanning is a way to capture digitally a physical object’s exact size and shape which can be used in many disciplines, such as:

  • Construction and restoration
  • Production planning
  • Ship building
  • Architecture and engineering
  • Geodesy
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure and tunnel construction
  • Movie industry
  • Forensic analyzes

Laser scanning is the fastest, most accurate and automated way to acquire precise 3D digital data for whichever results are needed for the application.

FARO Focus S 70 scanner has following parameters:

  • Range:
    • 0,6-70 m
  • Measurement speed:
    • up to 976 000 points per second
  • Ranging error (systematic measurement error at around 10 m and 25 m):
    • ± 1 mm
  • Resolution:
    • up to 165 MPx
  • Horizontal field of view:
    • 360°
  • Vertical field of view:
    • 300°
  • GNSS:

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